The pandemic has drastically changed the ways that we work personally and amongst our colleagues. SmartAdvocate is helping our clients fill in the gaps, allowing for seamless communication. Tools like e-signature have become more popular, and an expected necessity when it comes to connecting with a firm’s clients. SmartAdvocate’s integration with AssureSign fulfills that need.

AssureSign, the electronic signature pioneer and leading digital transaction management (DTM) software provider, who has successfully and securely executed millions of digital transactions, is now part of Nintex, the global standard in process management and automation.

AssureSign’s mission is to simplify the world’s most powerful action—the signature. The signature is a declaration of agreement and is the axis of trust that propels business engagements across the globe. The signature spans culture, industry, business size and geography, enabling enterprises to navigate commerce with confidence. 

AssureSign is eSignature in action.  It’s convenient, and supports on-the-go signing with eSign via text message. It integrates with existing workflows and framework. It increases revenue and decreases spending. It meets and exceeds global security and privacy standards and maintains its client’s data security and regulatory compliance. AssureSign empowers teams to surpass customer expectations.

SmartAdvocate’s integration with AssureSign means that clients can sign up and take advantage of the tremendous benefits with this electronic signature pioneer.

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Spotlight Partner 
November 2021

SmartAdvocate has launched an integration with Nicoletti & Harris, one of the nation’s most well-respected process serving and litigation support companies representing the nation's premier personal injury, medical malpractice, mass tort, and all other law firms since 1986. Their proven track record of efficient and reliable service is the result of their high standards of expertise and professionalism.
Nicoletti & Harris’ specialty is personal injury and mass torts. Their API technology integration allows law firms to transmit and send out services of process in the most effortless and efficient manner. All of their process servers are licensed, bonded and adhere to local rules to effectuate proper service. Android and iPhone device technology helps them to provide GPS coordinates at every point of service. This allows them to provide real-time updates, including to any users of the software programs that they interfaced with, such as SmartAdvocate.

In addition to service of process, Nicoletti & Harris also has a suite of litigation support services to serve its clients, including electronic filing, document retrieval, notary services, investigative services, and concierge services. While they specialize in service of process and litigation support for New York, New Jersey and Florida law firms, Nicoletti & Harris have a network of affiliates throughout the world, which allow them to provide their clients with service of process anywhere in the nation and outside the continental United States.

Richard Harris Eisen, the Vice President and Head of Business Development at Nicoletti & Harris has been a New York licensed process server since 1995, and has been with the company from the very beginning, when he joined forces with James Nicoletti to form Nicoletti & Harris.

Mr. Eisen was an integral force in building the technology platform that enables Nicoletti & Harris to be one of the most tech savvy process serving companies in the world. The company, under his direction, built their own API and incorporated the firm’s proprietary software integration as well completing the integration with SmartAdvocate. Mr. Eisen worked to establish the largest network of process serving affiliates and strategic partners globally to allow Nicoletti & Harris to serve any person or company throughout the world at a moment’s notice.

Richard is a member of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association; Partnership for Justice; the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers and a member of the Florida Justice Association. 

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